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When it comes to contaminated site remediation there is a broad range of possible solutions. Tersus offers a diverse selection of products and technologies. For every zone of your plume, we’ve got you covered!

Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
Surfactant-enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR) is a cost-effective alternative to conventional pump-and-treat remediation for aquifers contaminated by non-aqueous phase organic liquids. Tersus is the worldwide distributor of the leading surfactant technology, TASK™ (Tersus Advanced Surface Kinetics), and related products, including patented methods for in situ surfactant and chemical oxidation. Supported by nearly two decades of research and testing at the University of Oklahoma, TASK™ offers a wide range of applications related to hydrocarbon contamination flushing.
Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (eZVI)
eZVIis an emulsion of powdered zero-valent iron, surfactant, vegetable oil, and water specifically designed for the remediation of source zones impacted with halogenated hydrocarbons. eZVI has the unique ability to mix with dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) by capitalizing on the ability of food-grade surfactants, biodegradable vegetable oil, water, and zero-valent iron to form hydrophobic emulsion droplets (micelles) that are miscible with DNAPL material. Abiotic reductive dechlorination occurs as the halogenated hydrocarbons in DNAPL diffuse through the outer oil membrane into the interior aqueous phase of the emulsion, which contains zero-valent iron. Enclosing zero-valent iron within a hydrophobic membrane protects the nano-microscale iron from native groundwater elements that might otherwise waste the iron’s reducing capacity. This subsequently reduces the mass of eZVI available to treat target contaminants and lowers overall project costs. In addition to the abiotic reactions provided by the ZVI, the vegetable oil and surfactant components present in eZVI act as a long-term electron donor for enhanced biological reductive dechlorination. 
In Situ Sorption and Biodegradation
Combining powdered activated carbon with an electron acceptor to stimulate biodegradation, NutriBind® is designed to address the challenges inherent in soil and groundwater remediation. NutriBind®is a powdered reagent that, once applied, delivers rapid contaminant concentration reduction combined with accelerated bioremediation.
Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)
Looking for a ZVI solution? Tersus offers Höganäs’ Cleanit® technology, a uniquely engineered ZVI media that is extremely porous and reactive and has a large surface area, providing exceptional performance. Here is a comparison between the performance levels of typical ZVI andCleanit®, by hydrogen production:
  • Gas production rate of Cleanit® is about 8 times higher
  • Total yield of gas production is 53 times greater with Cleanit® 
  • Cleanit® continuously produces gas for more than 250 days opposed to 15 days by typical ZVI
  • Cleanit® reduces remediation time drastically
  • Using Cleanit® passivation is very slow
In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR)
In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) is an innovative environmental technique used for soil and/or groundwater remediation that reduces the concentrations of targeted environmental contaminants to acceptable levels.
Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation
Enhanced anaerobic bioremediation requires adding sufficient organic substrate (electron donor, such as EDS-ER™, and nutrients, such as Nutrimens®) to satisfy electron acceptor demand from both inorganic and organic compounds (e.g., chlorinated solvents) in the treatment zone.
Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation
Enhanced aerobic biodegradation is the practice of adding oxygen to saturated soil and groundwater to encourage and sustain the growth of microorganisms required for in situ bioremediation of contaminated groundwater.  It is typically used to treat low to moderate levels of contamination. Our product offerings include:
  • TersOx™ - a specially formulated inorganic peroxygen, calcium peroxide, that produces a controlled-release of molecular oxygen
  • Waterloo Emitter™ - a simple, low cost  in well device designed for the controlled and uniform release of oxygen, or other bioenhancing amendments

Our skill and experience implementing in situ remediation creates high-value solutions to complex groundwater and soil contamination and related issues at a lower cost. Tersus welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your team with the tools you need to successfully plan and execute your next project. 

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