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TersOx™ - Inorganic Peroxygen for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

RemBind designed to treat TPH, PAH, PFOS, PCBs, PCPs, and various pesticides

Sulfate Enhanced Bioremediation 

TersOx™ - Inorganic Peroxygen for Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

TersOx™ is a specially formulated calcium peroxide that produces a controlled-release of molecular oxygen designed to assist in the aerobic bioremediation of hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater. TersOx™ stimulates natural degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX). This is not a chemical oxidation product. The high ratio of O2 in TersOx™ (>16.6% by weight) provides a long-term oxygen source for up to 12 months upon hydration under ideal conditions. This sustained release of oxygen stimulates indigenous bacteria, accelerates bioactivity, and promotes increased contaminant removal.

TersOx™ Powder Specifications

  • A white to yellow, powdery material
  • Composition - Calcium peroxide
  • Releases >16% of its weight as oxygen when hydrated
  • Packaged and delivered in 25 kg woven polypropylene bags with inner polyethylene liner (UN approved) or 50 kg fiberboard drums
  • See detailed SDS for full product specifications
  • Expected shelf-life of material - 2 years

Field Applications

  • TersOx™ and water mixture (slurry) application in excavations
  • Dry powder application in soils and excavations
  • Injectable slurry for source area and permeable reactive barrier applications


  • Controlled-release of molecular oxygen to support aerobic microbial biodegradation
  • Long-term source of oxygen to the subsurface
  • Clean, low-cost, non-disruptive application
  • No Operations and Maintenance
  • Complimentary site evaluation from Tersus Environmental


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SDS TersOx™
Tech Brief TersOx™ Powder
Tech Brief TersOx™ Granular
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