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Tersus Environmental has introduced a nanoscale emulsified vegetable oil, called NanoEVO™.  Nanoemulsions are defined as emulsions with droplet sizes typically ranging between 50 and 500 nanometers. As reported by the Applied Surfactant Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, the median droplet size for NanoEVO™ is approximately 50 nanometers (0.05 microns), which is about 20 times smaller than other commercially available products. The small size of the particles in our NanoEVO™ delivery system offer a number of benefits including:

• Improved subsurface distribution
• Enhanced long-term stability
• Increased bioavailability

Tersus will ship the self-emulsifying agents to your site and assist you in identifying local suppliers of soybean oil. By purchasing the oil directly, you will dramatically reduce shipping costs and eliminate mark-up. You can simply add the emulsifier to the oil in the field (8 parts emulsifier to 92 parts oil), followed with water at a suitable ratio, using a centrifugal pump. The mixture will spontaneously form a nanoscale emulsion, ready for injection.  Your field crew can inject the nano-emulsion suspension directly or further dilute it to a predetermined ratio.

 NanoEVO™ : Water  D10 (nm) D50 (nm)  D90 (nm) 
 1 : 1  31.30  58.01  107.53
 1 : 4  15.37  46.20  138.93
 1 : 10  18.54  51.48  142.98
Note:  1,000 nanometer (nm) of length equals 1 micrometer (µm) in length



  • Nanometer Oil Droplets
  • Increased Bioavailability
  • 100% Fermentable Carbon


  • Easy Field Mixing
  • Source Local Soybean Oil
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint