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The groundwater Pressurized Remediation Optimizer (gPRO®) High Pressure (HP) system, based on inVentures patented Gas inFusion technology, inFuses higher stabilized concentrations of dissolved gas into water compared to any other technology. For superb bioremediation results, inFusion is accomplished without additives such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone or other agents with potentially harmful side effects.  The technology acts the same as Mother Nature, transferring gases naturally by diffusion across large surface
areas and incorporates the constant movement of water past the gas surface maximizing transfer.

gPRO® iLS is a gas delivery technology capable of infusing high amounts of dissolved gas into liquids under pressure.  The gPRO® iLS system can be used to infuse gas (for example oxygen) into water in a tank which then can be injected into the aquifer; or infuse water that has been pumped out of an aquifer and treated ex-situ and then re-injected back into the aquifer; or retrofitted to a pump and treat system significantly shorten time to site closure.  Infusion is accomplished without additives such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone or other agents with potentially harmful side effects.



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The gPRO® LP 100 Groundwater Treatment system is unique in its ability to transfer and maintain high levels of dissolved gas in water while removing nitrogen and therefore saturating water with gas of choice while maintaining a normal total gas pressure.

gPRO® LP 100 has been used for petroleum hydrocarbon remediation, chlorinated hydrocarbon remediation, ammonia/nitrate remediation and perchlorate bioremediation.  This one tool is able to treat different compounds by simply selecting a different gas to be infused. The gPRO® LP 50 can infuse oxygen for aerobic treatment, hydrogen for anaerobic treatment or a variety of alkane gases for cometabolic treatment of contaminants.

Each gPRO® LP 100 single module unit consists of one mass transfer module with a built in, low wattage pump that circulates the water through the module achieving simultaneous transfer of oxygen or other gases such as hydrogen or propane into the water and nitrogen out of the water. This means that each and every gallon of water that is circulated is actively infused with gas. The pump discharge creates an adjustable flow pattern to distribute the highly gas rich water in a vessel or the subsurface.

Due to the huge mass transfer capability of microporous hollow fibre in each gPRO® LP 100 module, each unit dissolves efficiently up to 6.0 lb. O2/day, 109 grams H2/day or 300 lb CO2/day depending on water depth and temperature. 

The gPRO® LP 100 is manufactured to the highest quality standards with proprietary materials and know-how by inVentures Technologies Inc., and is protected by US Patent # 6209855 and various other patents worldwide.