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Point-of-Entry (POE) Systems

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Tersus has designed a new innovative point-of-entry (POE) system for the treatment of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). To provide a margin of protection from a lifetime of exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctyl sulfonate (PFOS) from drinking water, EPA has established the health advisory levels at 70 parts per trillion.  The POE system is installed at the main water line, where the water first enters your home or business, therefore treating all the water you use.  The PFOS and PFOA-free can then flow from every tap and for all appliances.

The Tersus POE water filtration systems are designed with different types of filters and absorbent media that target and remove PFAS contaminants. The water first passes through a high-flow sediment pre-filter. The deep pleated cartridge provides maximum filtration with minimal pressure loss (¼ psi at 8 gallons per minute). Then the water enters the main tank where our absorbent media, based on the patented RemBind technology removes PFAS constituents. Finally, it passes through a polishing bed of catalytic coconut shell carbon for any remaining tastes, odors and trace organic contaminants. The absorbent media components are NSF/ANSI 61 certified for water treatment plant applications.

The NSF certified 9" x 48" main tank is fiberglass reinforced with a polyethylene liner. The pre-filter housing is made from polypropylene and is 20" x 4½". The components are rated for:

  • Pressures up to 90 psi
  • Temperatures 40 to 100oF (5- 40oC)

The POE units come with 1" female pipe thread inlets and outlets, and are easily adapted to ¾" plumbing as necessary. As the POE system requires tapping into the main water line, a professional plumbing contractor is recommended to assist with the process.

Our POE systems are designed with oversize filters and housings to maintain water pressure. These oversized housings and filters will require less frequent service, saving you the home or business owner time and money. The POE units are refillable when the media is exhausted - simply dump out the old media and put the new media in. it is very simply. The old media should be properly disposed of in the garbage or at the landfill.

Since each water source contains different combinations and levels of PFASs, as well as other constituent (e.g., hardness, etc.), Tersus advises that an initial lab test be performed on a representative water sample.  This allows our technical and engineering team to determine the adsorption zone needed, as well as the estimated media use rate to properly design your POE system for maximum efficiency between media changes.